Frequently asked questions


What Is A Manufactured Home?
Usually referred to as Mobile Home or Trailer, but now they come in many more styles and upgrades then before.
-A manufactured home is almost entirely built in a factory, which mean No Weather Delays.
-They are built to the Federal Building code known as HUD.
-When Complete they are usually transferred on their own wheels by a certified driver.
-If the home is a mulch-section it will be shipped in two separate pieces and  set up at it’s destination.

-Manufactured Homes are generally less expensive than site built and modular homes.

What are Modular Homes?

-A Modular home refers to the process of designing your home.

-It is built in sections at a factory then ship it on a flat bed to its destination, where contractors will put it together like a puzzle.

May I place my Manufactured home on any lot?

-No. Each subdivision and community has their own rules and regulations.

-Before purchasing land for your home, do some research on zoning ordinances, deed restrictions, restrictive covenants, and other similar documents.

Who will Finance my Manufactured home?

-We work with several different preferred lenders,  who offer many different loan options to better help you with your personal needs and credit situation.

-Manufactured homes are eligible for FHA and VA home loans.

-We also work with a manufacturer who offers in house financing.

Frequently asked questions