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Known throughout the Southwest as a builder of the highest quality, custom-built manufactured homes, Oak Creek Homes is recognized for it’s innovative manufactured home designs, distinctive architectural exteriors, flexible floor plans and custom amenities.

Oak Creek manufactured homes are built to appeal to both the first time homebuyer on a budget and move-up homebuyers looking for the larger, higher quality manufactured home with custom features. Oak Creek Homes offer a broad selection of floor plans, including unique designs that can’t be found anywhere else.

Oak Creek Homes has built a name in the manufactured home industry that is recognized throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana. Oak Creek sells its manufactured homes through a network of company owned and independently owned model manufactured home centers and builders throughout the Southwestern U.S.
Understanding Today’s Manufactured Housing

What are Manufactured Homes?

Manufactured Homes are homes built entirely in the factory, transported to the site, and installed under a federal building code administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (commonly known as the HUD Code) went into effect June 15, 1976. Prior to this this type home was known as a mobile home. The federal standards regulate manufactured housing design and construction, strength and durability, transportability, fire resistance, energy efficiency and quality. The HUD Code also sets performance standards for the heating, plumbing, air conditioning, thermal and electrical systems. It is the only federally-regulated national building code. On-site additions, such as garages, decks and porches, often add to the attractiveness of manufactured homes and must be built to local, state or regional building codes. Built as single wides, double wides and even triple wides these homes are often delivered to the home site in more than one section.
The need for quality, affordable housing has never been greater.

Today’s manufactured homes can deliver outstanding quality and performance at prices ranging from 10 to 20 percent less per square foot than conventional site-built homes. These savings allow more and more Americans to own their own home, even in the face of an ever-widening housing affordability gap.

The affordability of manufactured housing can be attributed directly to the efficiencies emanating from the factory-building process. The controlled construction environment and assembly-line techniques remove many of the problems encountered during traditional home construction, such as poor weather, theft, vandalism, damage to building products and materials, and unskilled labor. Factory employees are trained and managed more effectively and efficiently than the system of contracted labor employed by the site-built home construction industry.
The Texas Department of Housing governs the licensing and titling of Manufactured Homes

Much like other assembly-line operations, manufactured homes benefit from the economics of scale resulting from purchasing large quantities of materials, products and appliances. Manufactured home builders are able to negotiate substantial savings on many components used in building a home, with these savings passed on directly to the home buyer.

Today’s manufactured homes have experienced a major evolution in the types and quality of homes being offered to buyers. Technological advances are allowing manufactured home builders to offer a much wider variety of architectural styles and exterior finishes that will suit most any buyer’s dreams, all the while allowing the home to blend in seamlessly into most any neighborhood. Two-story and single-family attached homes are but two of the new styles being generated by factory-built innovation. As a result, today’s manufactured homes are offering real housing options for the neglected suburban and urban buyers.

At the same time, greater flexibility in the construction process allows for each home to be customized to meet a buyer’s lifestyle and needs. Interior features now include such features as vaulted ceilings and working fireplaces to state-of-the-art kitchens and baths, giving the home buyer all the features found in traditional, site-built homes. Enhanced energy efficiency in manufactured homes, achieved with upgraded levels of insulation and more efficient heating and cooling systems, provide another source of savings for homeowners, especially in this era of rising energy costs. Smart buyers are turning to Energy Star-labeled manufactured homes for substantial savings in many aspects of owning and operating a home.

Technological advances, evolutionary designs, and a focus on delivering quality homes that families can afford are the driving forces within the manufactured housing industry. That’s why more people are turning to manufactured housing to deliver homes that fit their needs and wants, at prices they can afford!

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Champion Homes – Company Overview

Throughout our long history, Champion has been acknowledged as a leader in the manufactured housing industry and one of the largest modular home builders in North America. In addition to these leadership positions, we have expanded our modular capability to include providing modular buildings for government and commercial applications. Champion was founded 56 years ago as a single manufacturing facility in a small town in rural Michigan.

Over the years, the company has grown to become a “family of builders” providing factory-built housing and other structures throughout the United States, western Canada and United Kingdom. Our international headquarters remains in Michigan, and currently, with 27 manufacturing facilities located throughout North America and Europe, we employ more than 2,500 dedicated employees worldwide. Since our beginning over five decades ago, the Champion family of builders has produced over 1.7 million factory-built homes for home buyers throughout North America.

Champion provides a wide variety of factory-built solutions, from single-family and multifamily homes, to commercial and government buildings. Our products are distributed through a large and ever growing network of retailers, builders and developers. As a result, you’ll find Champion-built structures in every neighborhood – from rural to urban and everything in between.


ties that fit your needs and lifestyle.

Legacy Housing Ltd.

With our brand launch in 2005, Legacy Housing might be the new kid on the block, but one step into our custom built homes and you will immediately take a liking to our family efficient floor plans. The quality & craftsmanship of each intricate detail will of course speak for itself. Yet, with one look at our sticker price, you just might want to pack up the kids and move in that very day.

It Must be a “Legacy”…

Our founders started Legacy Housing, LTD with a purpose. After decades of owning some of the nation’s largest dealerships, selling & financing homes to thousands of American families, knowing what customers really want in a home, lifelong friends Kenny Shipley & Curtis Hodgson decided to start a company that gives the customer exactly what they desire in a new home. A high quality, amenity laden house built with American ingenuity, that is thousands less than the similar floor plans from big company competitors.

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Legacy Housing’s quality and master craftsmanship is a direct result of our proud Texan heritage. Our craftsmen are made up of dedicated men & women who know a thing or two about hard work and high quality.

With over 132 retailers located in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Mississippi, Legacy Housing is quickly making it’s presence known. Considered as one of America’s premier factory built home brands, Legacy has raised the bar in factory built homes.

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Well Built & Built to Last

Founded on an unwavering dedication to its craft and to it’s customers, we have striven to build homes ideal for the American family. With an industry leading quality assurance team ensuring our homes are not only well built, but built to last. Legacy Housing is breaking new ground in overall customer satisfaction.

Our talented engineers are committed to developing homes that fit the needs of all types of families across the country. With innovative floor plans, colorful decor & flooring selections, state-of-the-art options and time-saving amenities to choose from, we create homes that your family will cherish for decades to come.

Our company motto is simple, “Built with quality materials, delivering the highest value”. It’s our legacy to our customers and we will never waver from that commitment.

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