Oilfield Housing

Modular Buildings for remote work camps

Modular Construction for Energy and Mining Regions

Modular construction is the logical choice to react to housing shortages in booming energy or mining regions. Traditional construction in these remote locales is costly due to high labor costs, and is frequently delayed as builders experience labor shortages and weather related delays – all resulting in cost overruns. Champion’s modular construction can provide quick, easy, affordable and energy- efficient housing solutions. From man camps to apartment buildings, we have existing designs that maximize the advantages of modular construction and the experience to deploy them in remote regions.

Our rapid response workforce housing solutions offer customers across North America the ability to house, feed and entertain workers in some of the most remote places on earth. Our company has constructed accommodation dorms, dining facilities, and recreation halls for some of the industry’s largest oil and gas suppliers.

With manufacturing facilities spread across America, Canada and the UK, our team can offer a wide variety of structures, from basic “man camps” to high end luxury VIP apartments, all at a pace of production that helps our customers get heads in beds faster than any other option available. Our track record of on-time and on-budget delivery is why industry heavyweights like Halliburton, Exxon, Suncor, Target Logistics, Stat Oil and others have trusted us to deliver their housing and accommodation needs.

Our Factories design and build quality solutions for a broad range of commercial, recreational and industrial products.

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