San Antonio Manufactured Homes Lowest Cost Double Wide

San Antonio Manufactured Homes

San Antonio manufactured homes are in huge demand.  The growth of the oilfield in west Texas fueled demand for massive numbers of used mobile homes, used single wide, used double wide and used triple wide homes.

New double wide, new triple wide and new single wide homes are also in big demand as people buy them to put in areas outside the cities and city limits of small towns.

People want their space, and you are probably no exception.  You want a good used mobile home, or a good used double wide that you can easily buy, easily qualify for and get into quickly.

San Antonio manufactured homes, South Texas Mobile Homes , Inc., is your best resource for gaining the lowest price on a clean, used manufactured home.  Our award-winning used double-wide homes are the best value, the lowest cost housing in the manufactured home arena.

I suggest that you do indeed select a manufactured home from the San Antonio area, and ideally, one of mine

But why are San Antonio manufactured homes a better choice than a common site-built or stick-built home?  After all, isn’t the world covered with site-built homes?  Aren’t site-built homes better houses?  Isn’t it true that “manufactured homes” is just a fancy way of saying “trailer house”?

Those are good questions, and I will answer all of them right here in this article.

Are San Antonio Manufactured Homes Good?  Are Manufactured Homes Built Well?

San Antonio manufactured homes are easily built as well, and usually much better than common site-built homes.  I can state here that manufactured homes are built better than site-built homes because I have watch crews build both types of homes for many years, and have first-hand experience building site-built homes myself.

Let’s look at a common site-built home scenario.

The developer/builder plows up 50 acres of beautiful hill-country land in order to build houses and make money.  He then subdivides the land into hundreds of lots, and starts selling floor plans.

Within a few weeks, construction begins on the first home out there, which is usually the “model home” that the builder will sell floor plans in.  First, the lot is prepared for a foundation and the foundation is poured.  Then a big pile of wood is dropped off in the dirt or mud to await the framing crew.

In a week or so, the framing crew shows up and starts hurriedly framing up the house.  If the wood was rained on, it might still be wet when the house is framed.  There is usually a lot of moisture in the hill country air at night, so the wood will not be dry when it is nailed up.  In fact, it might be soaking wet from a thunderstorm.

Manufactured homes provide the best value in homes today.  They are built in an controlled environment from materials that are the best in the industry, by carpenters and skilled labor that reports to work every day and works in a safe, dry, well-managed manufacturing center.  This consistency in the labor force results in excellent construction quality that far exceeds that of site-built homes. – Modern Homebuilder, Inc.

Plumbing A San Antonio Manufactured Home

After the framing crew is gone, the plumbing goes in.  Most site-built homes still use PVC tubing for plumbing.  They use it because it is CHEAP, not because it is better than iron pipe.  PVC ages very quickly, and can age to the point of failure in as little as 90 days.  If you have ever bumped a PVC pipe under your kitchen sink and broken it, you know how brittle it gets and how simple it is to create a plumbing problem.

San Antonio manufactured homes most commonly use PEX plumbing. ‘PEX’ is short for “cross-linked polyethylene”, and it is perfect for plumbing because it never leaks.  Ever.  And it is fastened with stainless-steel fasteners, not glue, and it is flexible so you can bend it and bump it all you want and it will never leak.  Great product and only manufactured homes are currently using it for the plumbing.

Insulating a San Antonio Manufactured Home

It gets hot here, right?  I mean, it gets hot as hell here, does it not?  Do you remember the summer of 2001 or maybe 2000, when the daily high temperature was over 110… for THREE WEEKS?  I remember standing in my driveway, leaning on the front bumper of my car and watching my big digital thermometer as the clock struck midnight.

At the precise strike of 12 midnight, it was 90 degrees in my garage.  NINETY.  That is crazy hot, and it was like that for weeks.

So insulation is very important, but so is tightness of the structure.  If you want the lowest energy bills possible (and gasoline as of this writing has risen 53 straight days in a row), buy a San Antonio manufactured home in San Antonio, TX.

San Antonio manufactured homes, especially the better ones, are very energy efficient. In the hottest of summers or coldest of winters, your energy bill will be exceptionally low and you will have more money to eat steak dinners at Saltgrass or the Texas Land and Cattle Company.  Great steaks at both.

And that insulation is of the “batten” variety, which means that in your vertical walls the insulation is rolled out and stapled into place along your wall studs, which means that your San Antonio manufactured home insulation will never sag up near the ceiling.  You do not want your insulation to sag at the top because that will create open gaps in your insulation and your A/C will run longer and cool less in the hot months, heating less in the cold months.

In a San Antonio manufactured home attic, the insulation is blown cellulose fiber, which has a slight adhesive on the fiber strands.  The strands are blown in damp so that the adhesive is nice and sticky, and as it dries, the adhesive sticks and adheres to the adjacent insulating fibers, creating a permanent web of green insulation that maintains it loft and ‘R’ value over the life of your home.

Go look in your own attic and you will see that your insulation is starting to flatten out and lose ‘R’ value.  That ‘R’ value is the rate of energy loss from the house to the outside ambient temperature.  ‘R11′ means it will take the insulated rooms of your home 11 hours to reach the outside ambient temperature.  The higher the ‘R’ value, the better.  ‘R11′ is very good.

San Antonio Manufactured Homes VS Site-Built Homes

Lets get back to the San Antonio manufactured homes.  Remember the site-built house where the crew framed up with wet wood?  You know the house… its the one you are living in.  Do you know that the humidity in San Antonio is about 80 percent EVERY morning, year round?

Yep.  So your wood god nice and damp.  And if your house was built in the spring, when most new homes are built, the odds are very high that your wood also got rained on, heavily.  Why heavily?  Because San Antonio gets most of its rain in May and June, which are also the prime site-built-home-building months.

What happens when wood dries?  In particular, what happens when cut wood, cut 2 x 4′s and 2 x 6′s and roof joists get soaked and then dry?

They warp, right?

  • Do you have any doors in your home that don’t close right any more?
  • Kitchen drawers getting stuck?
  • Windows difficult to open or close?
  • Gaps at the tops or bottoms of your doors?
  • Mold in your walls?

San Antonio manufactured homes don’t have these problems because their wood never gets rained on.  Manufacturers bring the wood inside off the truck or train.  Its stacked with a forklift inside a huge facility and the rain never touches it.  Also, the sun never shines on it, and its all kiln-dried wood.

Also, San Antonio manufactured homes are built, in San Antonio, with what is called ‘grade 1″ and “grade 2″ lumber, which is superior to common commercial lumber.  Commercial lumber is what nearly all site-built homes are built with.  Wet commercial lumber that has more holes, knots, splintering and rough places in it than the kiln-dried grade 1 and 2 lumber use in San Antonio manufactured homes.

Still in love with your site-built home?  Can you pick up your site-built home with a crane?  You can easily do that with most manufactured homes.  So which one is stronger?

Buy yourself a good manufactured home.  No need to go modular unless you are required to by covenant.  A good manufactured home will last you a lifetime and give you very few problems. San Antonio manufactured homes are the best you can buy.