San Antonio Used Double Wides

San Antonio used double wides are available at South Texas Mobile Homes .  We have San Antonio’s largest selection of used double wide manufactured homes, and we will make you a great deal on any one you like.

We buy used double wide manufactured homes and mobile homes from all over the San Antonio area, bring them back to our South Texas Mobile Homes main location in south San Antonio, and refurbish them.  We commonly remove all the old carpet, any bad Sheetrock, fixtures, windows, doors, counters and more and rebuild them to look and perform as good as new.

The used double wide home business is outstanding in San Antonio.  Everyone seems to want to get a very special deal on a used double wide manufactured of mobile home.  Maybe its the economy, or maybe its the oilfield pressure to find homes for the oilfield workers.  If you are looking for a good used oilfield trailer or used oilfield mobile home, we have plenty of good used mobile homes for sale in San Antonio.

Used Double Wide Homes

San Antonio has a lot of used manufactured homes, and used double wide homes are gaining on used single wide homes in terms of total units sold or units available.  Why is that?  Part of the reason is that people now strongly desire more living space.  More living space is easily obtained when one moves up from a used single wide home and into a new or used double wide home.

Used Double Wide Homes Are a Good Value

Used double wide manufactured homes are a good value to you as a buyer because someone else paid for the “new” home and paid the higher price.  The new homes are built so well these days that buying a used double wide is a really good value, especially if you have any handy-man skills.

Used double wides are also an exceptional value when you consider that all of our used double wide homes come with brand new stove/ovens, brand new refrigerators, brand new dishwashers (where applicable on the dishwashers – some used double wide homes did not sell with new dishwashers to begin with).

Used Double Wide Homes Are Well-Built

Used double wide homes are strongly built, too.  The steel frames are at least 10 inches tall.  10 inches is a lot of steel, and the frames run the entire length of our used double wide homes, on BOTH sides of the house, and outside the insulation to help hold the insulation in place.

Our used double wide homes have 2×6, 2×8 and 2×10 floor joists, depending on the application, and on 16-inch centers.  If you are a builder, you know that 16-inch centers is the code requirement for just about every home built in Texas and in most other states, so obviously our used double wide homes are very well made and are better built by far than the law requires.

Our used double wide homes have good composition roofs, using top-quality fiberglass composition shingles just like on any other house.  Most shingle manufacturers offer 25-year guarantees on their composition shingles for us, so you can be comfortable knowing that even though you are buying a used double wide home from us, you are still getting an excellent roof, excellent frame, excellent foundation, excellent appliances and more.San Antonio Used Double Wides.