Poteet Texas Home and land -2004 Clayton Homemaker

Poteet Texas Home and land -2004 Clayton Homemaker

Poteet Texas Home and land -2004 Clayton Homemaker

Year: 2004

Manufacturer: CLAYTON


Size: 1,568 sq. ft.* / 28 x 56

Acreage: 0.32 acres*

Beds: 3

Baths: 2.0

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We have absolutely beautiful homes both new and used available. Search our huge ever-growing gallery for a home you will fall in love with. Also, join our newsletter and receive the fresh new listings every week! We provide the best homes for the lowest cost. Come and see for yourself what we can do for you. We provide homes in Texas for your browsing pleasure ranging up to 150 miles outside San Antonio. Including: Cedar Creek. Pleasanton. Boerne. Kyle. Poteet. New Braunfels. Cibolo. Corpus Christi. Schertz. La Vernia. Seguin and many, many more.

Poteet Texas Home and land -2004 Clayton Homemaker

Mobile Homes in San Antonio Texas & Surrounding areas

Mobile Homes in San Antonio Texas & Surrounding areas

Mobile Homes in San Antonio & surrounding areas that you will love

MHdeals Manufactured Housing Sales in San Antonio and its surrounding areas will provide you with quality and affordable new and used mobile homes for many years.

Locally owned and operated, MHdeals Manufactured Housing Deals is the San Antonio mobile home dealer with choices unlike our competition.

We offer not 1 but 6 Major name brand manufactured home builders. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional consulting services, superior housing options as well as top quality craftsmanship at an attainable price. See Our Mobile Home Gallery

san antonio low cost affordable modular & manufactured housing

Mobile Homes in San Antonio

Manufactured Housing Deals is an industry leader in Texas mobile homes. We are the Financing experts in Texas as we offer the most financing options available for our selections of new and used manufactured homes in Texas. With hundreds of floor plans we can find the perfect home for you and your family.

Buying a mobile home in Texas requires the right company to help guide you through the process. We have the experience and manufactured & Modular housing knowledge to help you choose the best mobile home in San Antonio and Catering to the diversified needs of home buyers, we present the finest collection of manufactured homes that accommodate different preferences and budget of our clients. We also offer a wide spectrum of top-notch services, which include lucrative home financing and insurance packages, custom designed just for you.

Fantastic Mobile Homes for your Money!

If you are looking for excellent quality Texas mobile home with superb cost advantage, trust Manufactured Housing Consultants. With years of professional experience and in-depth knowledge in the industry, we cater to credit challenged, value minded and lower income homebuyers looking for an outstanding value for their investments. We offer expert consulting services with an extensive selection of mobile homes in Texas to help you choose the right property at the right price with most affordable payment options.

In addition to offering an exceptional portfolio of modern manufactured homes, we offer other services such as:

  • Expert consulting for free profile assessment
  • Free inspection of your mobile home at no additional cost
  • We will guide you to obtain appropriate county and city permits for buying a home
  • Outstanding financing programs for credit challenged, lower income home buyers
  • Extensive land location services are provided to approved buyers at no extra cost

Financing – Click here

At Mega Home deals, we believe housing should be affordable and attainable for everyone. No dream is too big or unrealistic for us. This is why our team of San Antonio mobile home consultants and financial specialists are renowned throughout the community as “miracle workers.” No matter your current income situation or credit score, we can help you!

Our expert consulting services combined with our extensive selection of San Antonio manufactured homes guarantee success. We can help you choose the right mobile home at your price point and then set up a payment plan customized to your family’s lifestyle and needs.

What are you waiting for? The home of your dreams is just a phone call away. Trust in Manufactured Housing Consultants to make your dream of buying a home a reality.

Click Here For More Information on Mobile Home Financing

Financing is Our Specialty!

At Manufactured Housing Consultants, we understand buying a manufactured home in Texas can be expensive, especially for lower income and credit-challenged home buyers. We offer the most lucrative opportunities to secure finances for your Texas mobile home. As financing is our specialty, we have exclusively designed a number of programs for home buyers.

Don’t miss the great selection of mobile homes and lucrative financing programs! Call us today at 210-887-2760 to talk to our consultants or you can also contact us at:



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When you need to find 2, 3, 4 & 5 Bedroom manufactured homes for sale or pre-owned homes in San Antonio Texas, Look no further than MHdeals for the best deals on mobile modular homes in San Antonio and South Texas.

1-5 Bedroom Manufactured Homes in San Antonio Texas

Finding 1 bedroom up to 5 bedroom modular & Manufactured Homes in San Antonio can be challenging to say the least, everybody says their deal is the best deal. So when shopping prices and value there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1.  Is the manufactured / Modular home your looking into big enough for your family?
  2. Can the manufactured home builder customize the home to your needs?
  3. Do you have color options & flooring options?
  4. What is the price per sq ft & is it comparable to competitors?
  5. How long does the build process take & is that within your time frame for move in?
  6. How much are your payments & is the payment within your expected budget?
  7. How is the customer service record of the retailer & builder?
  8. Do you feel the retailer is trustworthy
  9. What appliance options come free & which are extra
  10. Does the retailer also do mobile home Transport, install, skirting, decking etc or is it all subcontracted?



mobile home How to Buy Sell & Move Mobile Homes casas moviles

mobile home How to Buy Sell & Move Mobile Homes casas moviles

Mobile Home

How to Buy, Sell & Move Mobile Homes

Mobile home buyers From coast to coast dream of Mobile Home Ownership. Affordability, convenience and credit play major rolls in what type of home many people decide on. Buying a small lot to install a small manufactured mobile home on is one option. There are hundreds of Manufactured mobile home dealerships nationwide, and they sell some impressive mobile homes & some not so impressive in terms of square footage, pricing & amenities. So How to Buy a mobile home?

Little single wide or big double wide mobile home?

1 bedroom single wide manufactured mobile home for sale san antonio texas

small 1 bedroom single wide manufactured mobile home for sale in San Antonio Texas

large double wide mobile home

large double wide manufactured mobile home for sale

Depending on the size of you family along with your particular wants & needs you may decide on a small mobile home or large mobile home. A small single wide mobile home ranges in size from around 14 ft wide x 40 ft long to 18 ft wide x 64 ft long. A large single wide can be 18ft wide x 80 ft long. A Double Wide manufactured mobile home comes in small 26 x 40 sizes to large 32×80 sizes with bedroom from 3-5 and up to 3 bathrooms.

On the west coast you find many 2o-24 ft wide mobile homes In Texas the common size is a larger 28 wide – 32 wide. Even Triple wide 46 x 80 home have been installed near San Antonio Texas.

Prices range from the low 20s for a small single wide mobile home to upper 80s for a large double wide in Texas. In California you can pay over 100k for what is considered a large manufactured home.

Finding a good local company you can trust with your selections is paramount to a good experience. Some companies fall far short when it comes to customer service & satisfaction from consumers. Be sure to review their online presence, social media & the BBB. When you find the right retailer, be sure to ask lots of questions up front until you feel confident that they know what they are talking about & you feel comfortable committing to a build order. A manufactured home usually takes 2-6 weeks depending on factory back orders.

Mobile Home Moving Costs

When you buy a used manufactured home or ‘bank repo’ mobile home, you typically have to bear additional costs for transport and then installation set-up. Once you’ve purchased a new mobile home it is shipped & installed at your location. The cost to transport the home as well as installation at the new site may be included in its base price. If the Mobile Home Transport is not included in the price then you may have a significant cost increase overall. The prices for shipping are greatly different from coast to coast. East coast is less than West coast and Texas Gulf coast is the least expensive when it comes to shipping manufactured homes. New manufactured home installation in California can run 8,000-20,000 depending on earth quake set up requirements and fees. Texas manufactured home transport & installation runs around 5-8k for setting up a new double wide manufactured home. Installing Single Wide manufactured homes is about half that price. When you buy a used manufactured or mobile home, you typically have to bear additional costs for transport and then set-up.

Mobile Home Set-up Costs

In addition to the cost to delivery and setup new & used mobile home owners have land improvements and hook up fees as well. Some of these could be installing a new concrete foundation or base pad, utility installation and hookups to water, septic or city sewer, air conditioner, etc.   Removing decks, skirting, unhooking utilities, sewer etc may also be extra charges, be sure to ask.

What is the cost of moving a manufactured mobile home?

• Know that you are responsible for removing the skirting, decks,
steps and landscaping around your mobile home.

• Keep in mind that, as with most things in life, things could go
wrong. Prepare for the unexpected!


looking for a new or used manufactured home or repo mobile home?

check out the latest bank repos and new homes for sale



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we transport mobile homes

double wides for sale -Texas

double wides for sale -Texas

Double Wides for sale in San Antonio Texas

Information about double wides both modular & manufactured homes for sale. San Antonio within 200 miles. Check listings for Double Wides for sale in San Antonio Texas.


Double wides for sale San Antonio photo gallery of New & Used Manufactured Homes.
new-manufactured-homes double widedouble wide bank repos

Double Wides, What are they?

Double wide manufactured homes are residential homes built in a controlled factory setting in 1, 2 or 3 sections from the steel frame to the shingled roof. Building in a factory protects the home from elements during the building process as well as helping to maintain constant “eyes on” the build process. Homes are inspected and certified built to HUD standards. There are many San Antonio Double wides.

Are manufactured built to the same standards as “site built” homes?

Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards for San Antonio Texas

HUD Mandates federal standards for design, construction, and installation of manufactured homes to assure the quality, durability, safety, and affordability of manufactured homes. The program also includes a dispute resolution component.

How much are they?

Factory built manufactured homes range in price depending upon the details of the materials used & consumer customizations. Most manufactured homes by themselves, not including the land or land improvements will start at about $25.00/sq ft for a 1000 sq ft home like this one on sale here.

How much to ship a double wide?

Transporting a manufactured home can range in price from $1,000 – $6-7,000 depending on the size and distance. An average cost of a double wide breakdown, adding axles, welding the hitches on, moving the home off the property to a new location, then setting it all back up runs $4,500-$6,500. A single wide transport cost is about 1/2 as much as a double wide transport or $2,000-$3,500. These prices based on standard local delivery and setup in TEXAS.

Is a Double Wide considered a modular home?

Yes… & NO. Double wide manufactured homes are built as modular homes. So the question should be what’s the difference between a modular home and a double wide manufactured home. The difference is the upgrades to make the “DOUBLE WIDE” a modular. They look the same, the cost is higher for the modular adjustments because of the added time and materials required to make the homes comply with Modular standards.

Floor plans of double wides for sale


Check out these fine manufactured home builders


Double Wides for sale in San Antonio Texas



Mobile homes – repo lists  Texas Modular homes dealer| Manufactured Homes|

Mobile homes – repo lists Texas Modular homes dealer| Manufactured Homes|

Manufactured mobile homes for sale Texas Single Wide Double Wide homes. largest selection of quality Manufactured mobile homes for sale in Texas.

Manufactured mobile homes for sale Texas Single Wide Double Wide homes. largest selection of quality Manufactured mobile homes for sale in Texas.
Used trailer houses| bank repo lists| Transport services

mobile homes bank repo lists- Used Manufactured Homes- Used Manufactured Homes

ENTER Used double wide mobile homes GALLERY

ENTER Used Single Wide mobile homes GALLERY


used manufactured homes

Mobile Homes mobile homes lists Manufactured mobile homes for sale Texas Single Wide Double Wide homes. largest selection of quality Manufactured mobile homes for sale in Texas.

mobile homes bank repo lists click here for the latest bank repo mobile homes


Texas Doublewide Mobile Homes

Texas Singlewide Mobile Homes


mobile homes for sale

mobile homes for sale

mobile homes for sale



mobile homes near houston

homes for sale near dallas

repo trailer houses for sale near austin

used mobile homes for sale near Amarillo

Used double wide trailer homes for sale in Odessa/Midland

bank repo mobile home storage and resale center

single wide manufactured trailer

house dealership near San Antonio, Texas

 Park model homesFor sale by owner mobile homes REPOS

Buy a home at a reduced and discount price today!

Call 210-887-2760 for more info

We feature high quality pre-owned manufactured mobile homes, for sale by owner homes and park models at the discount prices. We sell new mobile homes and used mobile homes at factory direct expo prices. If you are a Retail Consumer, Dealer or Park owner we would like a shot at your business. We are a seller of refurbished manufactured homes Located in central Texas with contacts all the way to the North Dakota and the west coast, we are centrallylocated in San Antonio Texas and can offer delivery all over the State of Texas and find you a home in Texas, Refurbished doublewides and singlewides. We offer decks, sheds and foundations. We can help you renovate or upgrade., We can ship outside Texas in some cases. Small Park models can be shipped almost everywhere including Hawaii, You will not find lower prices or better service on high quality repossessed manufactured homes. Because of our high turnover of inventory, the listed prices are for cash customers only. Financing is available for those who qualify!

Our inventory changes constantly, so if you do not see what you are looking for, please call or email us for current inventory and prices.
We look forward to giving you a great deal on your new modular factory direct trailer repo Mobile Home!


Modular, Prefabricated, Mobile and Manufactured Homes

Modular, Prefabricated, Mobile and Manufactured Homes

Modular, Prefabricated, Mobile and Manufactured Homes: What’s the difference!?

Modular, Prefabricated, Mobile and Manufactured Homes: What’s the difference?

There’s a lot of terminology used in describing the types of homes we work with at South Texas Mobile Homes and it can get confusing. A modular or prefabricated home is not the same as a mobile or manufactured home. We offer transport services for modular, prefab, mobile, and manufactured homes. South Texas Mobile Homes also offers new and used inventory of mobile homes and we’re here for you if you decide a modular home is the right decision.

Modular Homes & Prefabricated Homes
A modular home and a prefabricated home refers to the process of designing your home, sending the plans to the factory, factory production, shipment, and build. The advantage to this process is that you have control over the design of the home and it can be as custom as you’d like it to be. Of course, more customization means a higher cost. However, that’s another advantage to a prefab home, it cuts out a lot of building costs! Because each large piece of your home’s design is built in a factory, there is no need for delays due to bad weather, inspections, or extra subcontractors. The pieces are just shipped from the factory to your land, and put together like a puzzle.

Some modular home builders have a variety of plans to choose from. The closer you stay to these plans, the more cost effective it can be. The pieces that are built will also adhere to the codes and regulations of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) of the homes final resting place.

Mobile Homes & Manufactured Homes
A mobile home or manufactured homes are also constructed in a factory but their foundation includes steel chassis that include wheels to aid in transport. Once the manufactured home reaches the home site, it can be pieced together and an inspector can approve all hook ups such as electricity, water, etc. This home process is generally the least expensive type of housing you can build. The value of a mobile home can decrease with time so therefore buying a used mobile home can be another cost effective solution.

Mobile homes typically come in two different sizes: single-wide and double-wide. A single-wide is 18 feet by 90 feet and the double-wide is two single-wides joined together, 36 feet by 90 feet. A mobile home can be any number of single-wides joined together to create a large home. To see the official definitions of a manufactured home and a mobile home according to the Manufactured Housing Standards Act click here.

We hope this helps you in your search for your next home.

Please contact us if we can be of any assistance. Call (210) 887-2760 modular, Prefabricated, Mobile and Manufactured Homes: What’s the difference!

San Antonio Manufactured Homes Lowest Cost Double Wide

San Antonio Manufactured Homes Lowest Cost Double Wide

San Antonio Manufactured Homes Lowest Cost Double Wide

San Antonio Manufactured Homes

Manufactured Homes
San Antonio Used manufactured homes are in huge demand.  The growth of the oilfield in west Texas fueled demand for massive numbers of used mobile homes, used single wide, used double wide and used triple wide homes.

Here is the gallery of |New Manufactured Homes|Used mobile homes
|oilfield houses |repo trailer homes

New double wide, new triple wide and new single wide homes are also in big demand as people buy them to put in areas outside the cities and city limits of small towns.

People want their space, and you are probably no exception.  You want a good used mobile home, or a good used double wide that you can easily buy, easily qualify for and get into quickly.

San Antonio manufactured homes, South Texas Mobile Homes , Inc., is your best resource for gaining the lowest price on a clean, used manufactured home.  Our award-winning used double-wide homes are the best value, the lowest cost housing in the manufactured home arena.

I suggest that you do indeed select a manufactured home from the San Antonio area, and ideally, one of mine

But why are San Antonio manufactured homes a better choice than a common site-built or stick-built home?  After all, isn’t the world covered with site-built homes?  Aren’t site-built homes better houses?  Isn’t it true that “manufactured homes” is just a fancy way of saying “trailer house”?

Those are good questions, and I will answer all of them right here in this article.

Are San Antonio Manufactured Homes Good?  Are Manufactured Homes Built Well?

San Antonio manufactured homes are easily built as well, and usually much better than common site-built homes.  I can state here that manufactured homes are built better than site-built homes because I have watch crews build both types of homes for many years, and have first-hand experience building site-built homes myself.

Let’s look at a common site-built home scenario.

The developer/builder plows up 50 acres of beautiful hill-country land in order to build houses and make money.  He then subdivides the land into hundreds of lots, and starts selling floor plans.

Within a few weeks, construction begins on the first home out there, which is usually the “model home” that the builder will sell floor plans in.  First, the lot is prepared for a foundation and the foundation is poured.  Then a big pile of wood is dropped off in the dirt or mud to await the framing crew.

In a week or so, the framing crew shows up and starts hurriedly framing up the house.  If the wood was rained on, it might still be wet when the house is framed.  There is usually a lot of moisture in the hill country air at night, so the wood will not be dry when it is nailed up.  In fact, it might be soaking wet from a thunderstorm.

Manufactured homes provide the best value in homes today.  They are built in an controlled environment from materials that are the best in the industry, by carpenters and skilled labor that reports to work every day and works in a safe, dry, well-managed manufacturing center.  This consistency in the labor force results in excellent construction quality that far exceeds that of site-built homes. – Modern Homebuilder, Inc.

Plumbing A San Antonio Manufactured Home

After the framing crew is gone, the plumbing goes in.  Most site-built homes still use PVC tubing for plumbing.  They use it because it is CHEAP, not because it is better than iron pipe.  PVC ages very quickly, and can age to the point of failure in as little as 90 days.  If you have ever bumped a PVC pipe under your kitchen sink and broken it, you know how brittle it gets and how simple it is to create a plumbing problem.

San Antonio manufactured homes most commonly use PEX plumbing. ‘PEX’ is short for “cross-linked polyethylene”, and it is perfect for plumbing because it never leaks.  Ever.  And it is fastened with stainless-steel fasteners, not glue, and it is flexible so you can bend it and bump it all you want and it will never leak.  Great product and only manufactured homes are currently using it for the plumbing.

Insulating a San Antonio Manufactured Home

It gets hot here, right?  I mean, it gets hot as hell here, does it not?  Do you remember the summer of 2001 or maybe 2000, when the daily high temperature was over 110… for THREE WEEKS?  I remember standing in my driveway, leaning on the front bumper of my car and watching my big digital thermometer as the clock struck midnight.

At the precise strike of 12 midnight, it was 90 degrees in my garage.  NINETY.  That is crazy hot, and it was like that for weeks.

So insulation is very important, but so is tightness of the structure.  If you want the lowest energy bills possible (and gasoline as of this writing has risen 53 straight days in a row), buy a San Antonio manufactured home in San Antonio, TX.

San Antonio manufactured homes, especially the better ones, are very energy efficient. In the hottest of summers or coldest of winters, your energy bill will be exceptionally low and you will have more money to eat steak dinners at Saltgrass or the Texas Land and Cattle Company.  Great steaks at both.

And that insulation is of the “batten” variety, which means that in your vertical walls the insulation is rolled out and stapled into place along your wall studs, which means that your San Antonio manufactured home insulation will never sag up near the ceiling.  You do not want your insulation to sag at the top because that will create open gaps in your insulation and your A/C will run longer and cool less in the hot months, heating less in the cold months.

In a San Antonio manufactured home attic, the insulation is blown cellulose fiber, which has a slight adhesive on the fiber strands.  The strands are blown in damp so that the adhesive is nice and sticky, and as it dries, the adhesive sticks and adheres to the adjacent insulating fibers, creating a permanent web of green insulation that maintains it loft and ‘R’ value over the life of your home.

Go look in your own attic and you will see that your insulation is starting to flatten out and lose ‘R’ value.  That ‘R’ value is the rate of energy loss from the house to the outside ambient temperature.  ‘R11′ means it will take the insulated rooms of your home 11 hours to reach the outside ambient temperature.  The higher the ‘R’ value, the better.  ‘R11′ is very good.

San Antonio Manufactured Homes VS Site-Built Homes

Lets get back to the San Antonio manufactured homes.  Remember the site-built house where the crew framed up with wet wood?  You know the house… its the one you are living in.  Do you know that the humidity in San Antonio is about 80 percent EVERY morning, year round?

Yep.  So your wood god nice and damp.  And if your house was built in the spring, when most new homes are built, the odds are very high that your wood also got rained on, heavily.  Why heavily?  Because San Antonio gets most of its rain in May and June, which are also the prime site-built-home-building months.

What happens when wood dries?  In particular, what happens when cut wood, cut 2 x 4′s and 2 x 6′s and roof joists get soaked and then dry?

They warp, right?

  • Do you have any doors in your home that don’t close right any more?
  • Kitchen drawers getting stuck?
  • Windows difficult to open or close?
  • Gaps at the tops or bottoms of your doors?
  • Mold in your walls?

San Antonio manufactured homes don’t have these problems because their wood never gets rained on.  Manufacturers bring the wood inside off the truck or train.  Its stacked with a forklift inside a huge facility and the rain never touches it.  Also, the sun never shines on it, and its all kiln-dried wood.

Also, San Antonio manufactured homes are built, in San Antonio, with what is called ‘grade 1″ and “grade 2″ lumber, which is superior to common commercial lumber.  Commercial lumber is what nearly all site-built homes are built with.  Wet commercial lumber that has more holes, knots, splintering and rough places in it than the kiln-dried grade 1 and 2 lumber use in San Antonio manufactured homes.

Still in love with your site-built home?  Can you pick up your site-built home with a crane?  You can easily do that with most manufactured homes.  So which one is stronger?

Buy yourself a good manufactured home.  No need to go modular unless you are required to by covenant.  A good manufactured home will last you a lifetime and give you very few problems. San Antonio manufactured homes are the best you can buy.

Louis Peer Marketing