Used Mobile Homes

There are over 100 used mobile homes on the MHdeals website. When searching through the MHdeals website you can find single wide double wide & land with used mobile homes.

Where to find used mobile homes in Texas

Used Single Wides

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Texas repo mobile homes. Used mobile homes are available in a number of ways. Banks repossess used mobile homes for non payment & once that process is complete the used mobile homes are placed on a Repo Mobile Home list. These lists of bank foreclosures are distributed to qualified licensed manufactured home retailers in Texas. The lists of used mobile homes that are repos are then photographed, the homes are transported to approved bank repo storage centers, refurbished & sold to the public.

Refurbished used mobile homes

Double Wide Mobile Homes

used mobile homes San Antonio Texas used double wide Mobile Home Dealer

Some used mobile homes that are bank repos are not refurbished for 1 reason or another. These homes can vary in condition from excellent to downright disgusting (if that can be considered a condition) most require some refurbishing.

Refurbishing a mobile home can range in price from a few hundred for paint to thousands in exterior & interior expense. replacing carpet, linoleum, painting, appliances, etc can run up the refurbishing bill.

Used Mobile Home Transport

When purchasing a used mobile home most mobile home dealers do not include the transport in the purchase. Transporting any manufactured home can be thousands of dollars. An average price on transporting a used mobile home single wide is about $2,800.00 which would include the initial breakdown at the repo location, transportation to a new location and then installation of the home. Installation of a double wide  manufactured home can be in the 5000-7000 range due to the size and installation variables. A manufactured home that is tape & textured in side with drywall marriage lines, the cost can increase. Some manufactured housing transport companies do not include the interior “trim out” in the delivery price. Proper installation of a double wide manufactured home should include the exterior trim. Leaving the exterior without  the roof ridge cap or exterior side trim can lead to moisture getting in the home.

Some used mobile homes are for sale by owner

When a used mobile home is not a foreclosure, the current owner may wish to sell and offer Owner Financing. Be sure to have a proper contract for purchase signed by all parties that currently own the mobile home.